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March 14th 2010


Breed Specialist Judges were Marlene Sillence (Bitches) and Margaret Woods (Dogs)


Ch.Fairfield Firedreamer Jw   - Bonnie was 2nd in Veteran Bitch. She had a lovely day and showed her socks off.


Fairfield Forever Amber  -  Lotte was 2nd in Limit bitch beautifully handled by Gloria and with my grateful thanks.


Fairfield Floral Mystique  -  Calli was short listed in an excellent class of Special Junior Bitches, she enjoyed her day and it was lovely to be showing her again after 6 months absence from the show ring..


Fairfield Firetrooper  - Trooper  was short listed in Limit from a very strong class. Enjoyed every minute in the ring.


We had a great Crufts and the dogs enjoyed themselves along the way.

March 28th 2010

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club -  Judge Angela Aulton


Fairfield Floral Mystique  - Calli was placed 2nd Junior-2nd Yearling -1st Novice -2nd Under Graduate

March 28th 2010

Great news from Finland. At the Latvian Winner Show in Riga ,Latvia

Fi & Ee CH Greenhill's Stardust (Windy) a Figo daughter took her International Title

This was Figo’s Sixth International Title winner.

BH, Fin Ch & Est Ch Fairfield Firefoxtrot ( Figo)

These Title holders are Listed below.

Int.Ch Greenhills Stardust                                      

Int Ch Greenhill’s.Scherzo

Int Ch Greenhill’s Feather Fan                                                        

Int.Ch Greenhill’s Final Fantasy                                                               

 Int.Ch Eternal Fire amazing Grace   

 Int.Ch Goldwater My Fair Lord

He also has 4 Finnish Champions:

Fi.Ch Greenhill’s Flat Out

Fi.Ch Greenhill’s Feng Shui

Fi.Ch Goldfellow Firepower

Fi.Ch Clearing Pond's David Beckham

There are several dogs that have multiple CCs but can not be made up yet as they need to achieve their field trial award first.


TK1, TK2, BH, INT & BALT & NORD & FI & SE(U) & N & EE & LV & LT CH, EE JCH, EE JW-05, LT W-07 , LV W-09   FAIRFIELD FIREMINSTREL     (Waldo)


Waldo’s has 7 Multi Champions to his credit.

March 21st 2010

South Western Golden Retriever Club Championship Show.

Breed Specialist Judge- Lynne Kipps.


What a fabulous day today for my delightful fun loving young lady.

 Fairfield Floral Mystique - Calli  was placed 1st in Junior - 1st Yearling - 1st Maiden - 1st Novice and 1st Under  Graduate.

 Apart from last week  at Cruft’s she has not been shown in the last 6 months so today was very special.


Fairfield Forever Amber - Lotte also had a great day by being  placed Reserve in her  Open Class


March 24th 2010

Fairfield Floral Harmony at Zenevieva became  U.G.R.C.   TOP BROOD BITCH 2009 :

 at the Ulster Golden Retriever Club AGM

Her daughter :
Sh Ch Zenevieva Destinys Dream (An Ch’09, EW’09, CW’10, Jun Ch,  JW)


Congratulations to Kerry  Kelly on this lovely achievement. With Kizzy and Kasha

April 3rd  2010

Northern Golden Retriever Club -  Judge Dorothy Buckley

Fairfield Floral Mystique - Calli was placed 4th Junior- Vhc Yearling --3rd Under Graduate


Fairfield Final Fantasy- Locket was placed 1st in Graduate. She has not been shown since she was six months old and  is now 2 years and 2 months.





April 10th  2010

Aberystwyth & District Canuine Society.  Judge Jan Merrick.


Great News for Fairfield.

 Fairfield Floral Mystique -Calli was placed 1st Junior Bitch - 1st Graduate- 1st Post Graduate -1st  Limit Bitch - 1st Open Bitch. She was awarded Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed.

This gave Calli her Final points with a few to spare for her JUNIOR WARRANT.

 She is a daughter from Fairfield Firetrooper’s very First litter to Fairfield Fireserenade (Cassie)


 Fairfield Firedancer - Pippa  was placed Reserve in Graduate- 2nd in Post Graduate -3rd in Limit bitch and 3rd  in Open Bitch.




April 10th  2010

TK1, TK2, BH, INT & BALT & NORD & FI & SE(U) & N & EE & LV & LT CH, EE  JCH, EE JW-05, LT W-07 , LV W-09   FAIRFIELD FIREMINSTREL     (Waldo)

Waldo’s Daughter Joystep's Unique Flower "Lara" was BOS and received the final CAC to  became a Finish  Champion today.

She joins her Sister who has already gained her title from this mating of  Waldo to Joysteps  May Flower

FI & Ee & Lv CH, Ee&Lv JCH Joystep's Unique Design "Wenla

Their Brother Joysteps Unique Minstrel needs to complete his field trial. Before he can complete his Title.



April 13th 2010

Birthday Celebrations today

 For the Children of Sh Ch Golmas Governor and Fairfield Firesprite JW SGWC :


Katy- Fairfield Firecascade JW SGWC  


 Gemma-Fairfield Firesaphire JW SGWC  


 Charlie-Fairfield Firelegacy


They are Eleven today.


May 22nd 2010

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show.Judge  Breed Specialist--Eileen Allen-Rossitter

 Fairfield Firetrooper ( Trooper) gained third place in Limit which qualified him for his Stud Book number and his entry into the Stud Book which Qualifies him for life for Crufts.

He was a real star today.


Fairfield Floral Mystique -Calli was placed VHC in Yearling Bitch

23rd July 2010


Trooper and Laice and some friends Golden Retrievers were representing the breed at the CLA Game fair today in the sporting tent which was held at Ragley Hall. Needless to say they did the breed proud. Meeting and greeting all the public with amazing patience and showing off their great temperaments to the very old and to the very young

July 24th 2010

Golden Retriever Club Championship Show -Judge breed specialist  Val Foss


Fairfield Feather Fan - Laice entered her first Limit Class and was placed in an excellent quality class of bitches.

She was placed in 6th place. A great start ,

July 25th 2010

Leeds Championship Show - Judge breed specialist Val Tregaskis


Fairfield Feather Fan - Laice  was placed Reserve in Limit Today.She made me very proud of her .


July 25th 2010

Fairfield Firelegacy - Charlie


Charlie was given sleep today.



In his gentle way he lay his head down and went to sleep peacefully.

He has joined his soul mate and constant friend Dillon who went to sleep just one week before, two true Golden gentlemen.

Run free my dear sweet lads and have fun like you always did. I will miss you.

Charlie we had such good times together when you made me very proud of your achievements..

They will both be sorely missed especially by Joan Plant who had been their Mum, friend and very proud owner.



August 1st 2010


Siagar Spencer - Billy


Another very sad today, Billy a Golden Retriever who was very close to my heart had to be given sleep today.

He was a wonderful Ambassador for the breed who produced beautiful progeny, Junior warrant winners and Wonderful Champions but most of all he gave his progeny fantastic temperaments with gentle characters and sweet natures.

I am proud to be the owner of three of his children, one of which is a full Champion.

To me he was a great friend in as much as he looked forward to seeing me and we had a special rapport. Sleep sweetly dear Billy.

He had joined his house mate George who passed away in very recent weeks.

This was also a very sad loss as she was a gentle girl who was the epitome of a true Golden Retriever.

They belonged to my friend Gloria Gargan who feels their loss greatly.

August 1st 2010


TK1,Fi&Ee&Lv CH Fairfield Firefinlandia - Open class Obedience  1st prize AVO1/166,5 points

 This gave him his TK2 Title. Well done Nemo

August 28th 2010

                                             Fairfield Firedancer - Pippa



Our sweet and lovable Pippa was given sleep today to save any further distress.

She is missed more than  words can ever .She had a smiley face  with a bubbly personality and was a real joy to us all.To lose you so young is heartbreaking.


Sweet sleep little girl you were taken far too soon, I will miss you so much.xxxx       

October 25th 2010

Fairfield Florentina- Abbey






Abbey my great character girl who lived to enjoy life in every way.

From her ability to find food treats in the blink of an eye and to make you laugh at all of her antics.Her great passion was to swim lengths in the lake like no other dog I have ever had ,it was as if she was practising for a swimming marathon..

Tonight she was given sleep at the age of 12 years and 10 months.

She will be missed for her wonderful personality and for her loyalty. She had an outstanding temperament. Run to the Rainbows Bridge where you can meet your friends and relatives.

You are very sadly missed. God Bless you.

28th October 2010
Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Show:
Breed Judge: Mr W Orzel

Fairfield Firefanfair - Honey

Honey 1st in Limit bitch and then awarded the RCC

Honey’s Daughter  Kayzaelle Krystal Maze -Maisy  was awarded Best puppy in breed at the same show.

Maisy has had an amazing start to her career by winning extremely well at Championship Shows.

At South Wales Kennel Association
Maize was Best Puppy in Breed and went onto win the Gundog Puppy Group.

At Gundog Society of Wales                                                                                                                

 Maize was awarded Best puppy in Breed. And went onto win  Reserve Best Puppy in Show .

Congratulations to her owner  Lesley Furbank .

You have made Fairfield very proud of your achievements and we have had great fun along the way.


May 8th 2010

Birmingham National Championship Show. Judge-  Mr Mal Watkins

Fairfield Floral Mystique -Calli was placed VHC in Yearling Bitch

29th May 2010

Bath Championship Show .Judge: Miss Shirley Boothroyd

Fairfield Feather Fan - Laice won 1st in Post-Graduate Bitch ,This qualified her for Crufts 2011.

I was delighted with this win as she had not been shown since March 2009



November 14th 2010

Kayzaelle Krystal Maze -Maisy who is Fairfield Firefanfair’s daughter achieved her last point to gain her Junior Warrant.

We are delighted that she has achieved this award which entitles her to a stud book number and life qualification for Crufts.

Well done Maisy and Leslie her very proud owner.

December 5th 2010

Midland Golden Retriever Club- Breed Judge- Beryl Liggins

Fairfield Feather Fan - Laice

Laice made me very proud today when she showed her heart out in the Limit class and achieved third place entitling her to a Stud Book number and qualified her for life for Crufts.

December  16th 2010

Fairfield Firefanfair - Honey

Today, Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club held a Show Gundog Working Certificate Test, which is to prove that your dog has the required level of natural working ability.

Honey was a real star and achieved this prestigious Certificate following in her mothers footsteps.

She and her owner Leslie did really well. A well deserved triumph.

December  25th 2010

Fairfield Floral Mystique - Calli whelped a litter of Six Dogs and One Bitch Today bringing lots of extra Christmas Day Cheer to our home .