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January 30th 2011

Fairfield Folk Illusion




Libby went to the rainbow bridge today, She was just eleven years old this month.

She fell asleep and died peacefully at home.

She was the constant companion of Lotte (her best doggy friend) and she was a treasured family member of Steve and Sue,my brother and his wife.

Libby was a lovely gentle dog with a wonderful nature.

She had a passion for opening presents and if it was a squeaky toy, so much the better.

The thrill of tearing the paper off the present,any present was lovely to see.

She loved to swim in the pool on her own.

Sleep sweetly Libby, you have left the most important thing of all.

Wonderful Memories

February 17th 2011

Fairfield Firefootsteps -Remi produced a litter of  9 puppies 6 boys and 3 girls

Remi and the puppies are doing very well

February 19th 2011

Fairfield Firedreamer’s grandaughter, Kayzaelle Krystal Maze was awarded the Reserve CC at the Golden Retriever Club of Wales from the Junior Class by breed specialist Liz Keene.

Well done Maisy.

February 28th 2011

At Newtownards Championship Show 2011

Fairfield Floral Mystery’s  - son Junior Ch Zenevieva Gaelic Dream for Whistler JD  

Won 1st Open Dog the GREEN STAR and BEST OF BREED  to take his Irish Show Champion Title


March 20th 2011

Fairfield Firefinlandia -Nemo won the  CACIB at Vilnius International dog show and received CIB, Baltic and LT CH titles!!!"



March 10th 2011

Crufts Championship Show

Kayzaelle Krystal Maze-Maisy  made us all very proud when at Crufts she was best puppy bitch and over all Best Puppy. This was a wonderful Achievement. Congratulations.

She is the daughter of Fairfield Firefanfair .

May 28th 2011

Bath Championship Show

Fairfield Firefanfair -Honey was 2nd in Mid-Limit Bitch under Breed Judge Carol Carter.

June 3rd 2011

Southern Counties Championship Show

Fairfield Firefanfair -Honey was 2nd in Limit Bitch under Breed Specialist Sue Barnes.

Well done Lesley and Honey.

June 3rd 2011

                                      CORK & DISTRICT CC CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - Judge Mr A Beare

                                            At Inniscarra, Cork, Ireland
Great news from Ireland that Fairfield Floral Harmony of Zenevieva -Millie gained the Green Star and Best of Breed at the above show.this adds to her Reserve Green Star and RCC. 3 RCACIB’s and CAC

Congratulations to Millie and Kerrie her owner.



June 10th 2011

Three Counties Championship Show-- Breed Specialist Freda Garget

Fairfield Firefanfair - Honey was1st in Limit Bitch and was awarded the Reserve CC.

Great news and many Congratulations to Honey and her owner Lesley



July 1st 2011

Windsor Championship Show

Breed Specialist Judges Mr J.Richardson - Dogs and Mr R.Sillence -Bitches.

My new puppies had their First Show.

Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer was 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog and 3rd in Puppy Dog.

Crufts Qualified for 2012

His sister Fairfield Fleet Magique Lily was VHC in  Minor puppy Bitch.

A great start to their show career


Fairfield Firefanfair -Honey was 2nd in Mid Limit Bitch

July 1st 2011

Berkshire Downs and Chilterns  GRC Show.

Judged by Mary Neil

Valisa Veil of Gold - Dolly, won  Graduate Bitch  she is owned by Val Harvey.

She is a daughter of Fairfield Firetrooper and was shown beautifully by Val.

July 9th 2011

East Of England Championship Show

Breed specialists  Sue Hush -Dogs  . Sheila Watkins -Bitches

Fairfield Fleet Officer - Drummer was 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog and 3rd in Puppy Dog .Reserve in Maiden and VHC in Novice. Crufts Qualified for 2012

I was thrilled when his mum Fairfield Floral Mystique  won the Post Graduate class her first outing since May 2010 and the birth of her puppies only 6 months previously.

July 9th 2011

Fantastic news from Finland today TK 1,Fi & Ee & Lv Champion Fairfield Firefinlandia

 ( Nemo) has added another Title to his growing list.  He is now

CIB & Balt & Fi & Ee & Lv & Lt CH, TK1, TK2. Fairfield Firefinlandia


Congratulations to him and to his owner Tuija Hellman.Well Done.



July 18th 2011

News  from Finland today that  TK2,TK1, BH, INT & BALT & NORD & FIN & SU(U)CH  & N UCH &EST & LV & LT CH, Est JCH, EST JW-05, LT W-07  Fairfield Fireminstrel  .Waldo-

Waldo ‘s Son  Rossglow's Get Ready out of  FiCH Lislone Garbank Look'N'Good gained his final points for his Tracking Champion title.

Waldo's daughter Joystep's Unique Design gained BOB today.

BH Fin  Ch & Est Ch Fairfield Firefoxtrot -Figo‘s son Hiekkakankaan Villa Huidoboro also finished his Tracking Champion title



August 2nd 2011

Paignton Championship Show

Breed Specialist judges June Young (Dogs and Freda Marshall (Bitches)


Fairfield Fleet Officer - Drummer was 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog,2nd in Puppy Dog and Reserve in Novice.

Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily was 3rd in Minor Puppy which Qualified her for Crufts 2012

August 6th  2011

National Gundog Championship Show

Breed Specialist Judge Peter Drury.

Congratulations to Leslie Furbank and Fairfield Firefanfair’s daughter -Maisy

Kayzaelle Krystal Maze  on winning Yearling and the RCC.

August 10th  2011

United Retriever Club Championship Show

Judge Colin  Mackay

Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily was 2nd in Minor Puppy, Reserve in Maiden and VHC in Novice

August 16th  2011

Spa GAA, Killarney, Ireland
Judge: Mrs M O'Gorman (Ireland)

Fairfield Floral Harmony at Zenevieva -Millie was awarded the Reserve Green Star.

Congratulations to Kerrie and Katie Kelly  and to Millie.


August 21st  2011

Breed Specialist Judges Lynne Kipps - Dogs and Jayne Storey -Bitches


Fairfield Fleet Officer - Drummer was 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog and 3rd in Puppy Dog .First in  Maiden and Third in Novice. He had a great day out and was a a pleasure to take to the show.


Fairfield Firefanfair’s daughter -Maisy-  

Kayzaelle Krystal Maze  won Yearling and the RCC.



A very exciting day  and a great thrill .Sincere Congratulations to Leslie Furbank and Maisy


August 30th 2011

Fairfield Firefanfair - Honey passed her Working Gundog Certificate today. She has already passed her Show Gundog Certificate but this award was the icing on the cake.

A great achievement for her and for Leslie Furbank her owner .Congratulations to you both.

Fairfield is really proud of you.


September 4th 2011

City of Birmingham Championship Show

Breed Specialist Judges -Glennis Hewitson -Dogs and Margaret Woods- Bitches.

Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer was Reserve in Minor Puppy Dog.

Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily was 3rd in Minor Puppy and 2nd in Puppy

A lovely day which the puppies really enjoyed.Lily and Drummers Dad- Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell (Archie) was awarded the RCC

Congratulatiions Archie and Margaret Joy at Shardanell.

September 11th 2011

Richmond Championship Dog Show

Breed  Specialist Judge Dawn Rose -Bitches. Freda Marshall -Dogs

Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily was 3rd in Minor Puppy and VHC in Puppy

Lily had a great time ,enjoying every minute.

Lily was very proud of her Dad today when Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell was awarded the RCC

Congratulatiions Archie and Margaret Joy at Shardanell.


September 23rd 2011





Today is a very sad day here at Fairfield as we had to say our last good byes to Katie -Fairfield Firecascade who fell asleep over night at home and passed peacefully away to the Rainbow Bridge where I am sure her brother Charlie  and Mum Elle are waiting and where one day we will all meet again.

She was 12 years and 5 months old.

Katie was such a lovely and sweet natured girl who loved her cuddles and her one to one time with me. Never wanting to push her way in but patient to wait for her share of the fuss.

She loved her life and was  full of fun,enjoying her outings to

Virginnia Waters  and to the Polo fields where she along with her friends

disappeared for their much loved swim.

Katie and Gemma her sister were devoted to each other and today

Gemma is at a loss and her face is so sad at the loss of her best friend.

Bless you Katie,you were a very dear and a much loved family member.

October 2nd 2011

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club

Breed Specialist judges Roy Maynard -Bitches & Dianne Ewings -Dogs

Today was an extremely hot day in a lovely setting it was about 29 degrees which was more like the middle of July instead of October.

This show was held at the Rowley Mile Racecourse at Newmarket .

Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer was VHC in Puppy Dog.

Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily was Reserve in Puppy, 3rd in Novice, 2nd in Debutant.

VHC in Undergraduate.


September 25th 2011

Fairfield Firefanfair -Honey entered her first Working test today in Novice Dog / Novice Handler and aquitted herself very well by being placed 4th.

Well done Honey and Leslie.

October 12th 2011

Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show

Dog Judge:  Sandra Lane Bitch Judge: Janet Crang

Wonderful News today that Fairfield Firefanfair’s beautiful daughter Kayzaelle Krystal Maze (Maisy) won Yearling and her First CC. Congratulations to Maisy and her owner Lesley

September17th 2011

Carlow & District Championship Show. Judge : Mrs P Scales (Australia)

Fairfield was very proud today of  Fairfield Floral Harmony at Zenevieva - Millie was 1st in Open Bitch  and was awarded the GREEN STAR, BEST of BREED and GROUP 2

Her Sister Kizzie - Fairfield Floral Mystery at Zenevieva was 2nd Open Bitch




October 30th 2011

Southern Golden Retriever Club Open Show

Judge Jenny Miller

Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer was 2nd in Puppy dog 2nd in Novice dog and 2nd in undergraduate dog

Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily was Reserve in Puppy and Novice and 2nd in Undergraduate.


November 12th 2011

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show

  Specialist Judges Janet Buckingham- Dogs & Bernard Catterall -Bitches


Fantastic news today that Zampanzar Say it Again Shardanell - Archie has taken his:

Show Champion title at this show. Congratulations to his owners Stephen and Margaret Joy.

Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer and Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily send their Congratulations to their dad on this great achievement.

He will now be called Sh Ch Zampanzar Say it Again Shardanell  JW

December 4th 2011

Midland Golden Retriever Club Championship Show

Specialist Judges Bob Lane  Bitches . G.Williams -Dogs

Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer was HC in Puppy dog

Fairfield Fleet Magique - Lily was 2nd in Puppy and Reserve in Maiden and VHC in Novice and Undergraduate.

Fairfield Feather Fan was Reserve in Limit Bitch

December 16th  2011

Fairfield Firefanfair’s daughter Kayzaelle Krystal Maze - Maisy achieved her

Show Gundog Working Certificate today proving that she is an all round Golden Retriever.

Maisy and her mother Fairfield Firefanfair-Honey have both  achieved this Certificate this year with Honey going on to gain her Working Gundog Certificate as well.

Many Congratulations to their owner Lesley Furbank and to Maisy for completing the year in great style. Maisy you are a star.


December 25th 2011

Drummer and Lily are 1 year old today,they not only have their Christmas toys but their Birthday toys as well, so along with soft toys we have the noisy squeaky ones which all the dogs love and can squeak in unison..

Who said we would be having a Quiet Christmas?

Happy Christmas every one

and a Peaceful and Joyous

New Year