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Welcome to the home of

April 7th 2012

Northern Golden Retriever Club

Dog Judge Jenny Newton :Bitch Judge Pauline Barnes

Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer was First in Junior : Second in Yearling: First in Tyro: First in Debutant and First in Under-Graduate.


This Qualifies Drummer for Crufts 2013

March 18th 2012

South Western Golden Retriever Club Championship Show

Dog Judge : Mrs B Stokes -Jobeka : Bitch Judge: Mr. R Scholes- Rossgilde

Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer was Reserve in Junior : Reserve in Yearling :Reserve in Novice and 2nd Undergraduate.


March 31st 2012

Scottish Breeds Canine Club Championship Show

Dog Judge: Mrs H Gription- Nojaze : Bitch Judge: Mr D Mannings -Gatchells

Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily  was Reserve in Junior: VHC  in Maiden :VHC in Novice and Reserve in Undergraduate.



March 25th 2012

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Open show

Judge :Mandy Pett

Fairfield Floral Mystique - Calli was Reserve in Open Bitch.

April 7th 2012

Northern Golden Retriever Club

Fairfield Firetrooper  -Trooper  and Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer

Passed their Good Citizen Bronze Award.

July 21st  2012

Golden Retriever Club Diamond Jubilee Show

Bitch Judge :Hilary Lambshead


Fairfield Fleet Magique - Lily was placed 2nd in Yearling which qualified her for Crufts 2012

Well done Lily.

Fairfield Firefanfair - Honey belonging to Lesley Furbank won Limit and went on to be awarded the RCC.

Congratulations to you .


A proud day for Fairfield with Honey Flying the flag.


Honey’s daughter Kayzaelle Keep Dreaming - Molly had a great start to her showing career by being commended in the Minor Puppy.

August 11th 2012

Bournemouth Championship Show

Bitch Judge Hazel Kirby

Fairfield Firefootsteps  -Remi was entered in her first Limit class today which she won .

Thank you to Gloria Gargan for moving her so beautifully, She was so happy out there today.

This was the first time that she has been shown for a couple of years and she was really enjoying herself.

This gave Remi her Stud book number and Qualified her for life at Crufts. What a little Star



Her  sister Fairfield Firefanfair - Honey was second in the same class which was very special for me to see the sisters in the same line up of such a lovely quality class.

Honeys daughter Kayzaelle Keep on Dreaming   - Molly, also won Minor Puppy and the Puppy Class .Well done Lesley and Molly This qualified her for Crufts.

August 31st 2012

City of Birmingham Championship Show


Fairfield Fleet Officer -Drummer was VHC in Yearling:

September 10th 2012

The following dogs were DNA tested for GR_PRA 1 and GR_PRA 2  they are all clear.

   Fairfield Firetrooper -    Trooper

      Fairfield Fleet Officer -    Drummer

Fairfield Firefootsteps -   Remi

                                                    Fairfield Firserenade -      Cassie

                                                   Fairfield Floral Mystique - Calli

                                                    Fairfield Feather Fan -      Laice

                                                    Fairfield Fleet Magique -   Lily

      Ch Fairfield Firedreamer - Bonnie


Fairfield Final Fantasy tested in February 2012 and passed clear GR-PRA 1

Fairfield Floral Mystery at Zenevieva, - Kizzie  - passed clear GR-PRA 1

Fairfield Floral Harmony at Zenevieva -  Millie - passed clear GR-PRA 1

TK2,TK1, BH, INT & BALT & NORD & FIN & SU(U)CH  & N UCH &EST & LV & LT CH, Est JCH, EST JW-05, LT W-07

Fairfield Fireminstrel  (Waldo)   -    passed clear GR-PRA 1

CIB & Balt & Fi & Ee & Lv & Lt CH, TK1, TK2.

Fairfield Firefinlandia -Nemo passed clear GR-PRA 1

All dogs that passed GR-PRA1 were tested before GR-PRA2 was introduced in August 2012

February 27th  2012

Fairfield Final Fantasy--Locket  was DNA tested for GR-PRA 1 and passed clear

September 16th 2012

Darlington Championship Show

Bitch Judge :Val  Tregaskis

Lesley Furbanks ... Fairfield Firefanfair - Honey won Limit .

Congratulations Honey and Leslie.

September 16th 2012

Happy Birthday  to :

Fairfield Firetrooper      ...       Trooper

Fairfield Firefootsteps   ...       Remi

Fairfield Firefanfair        ...      Honey

CIB & Balt & Fi & Ee & Lv & Lt CH, TK1, TK2. Fairfield Firefinlandia - Nemo


They are  six today , Fairfield are so proud of you all.  

April 24th 2012

Ulster Golden Retriever Club Championship Show

At the above show Millie - Fairfield Floral Harmony at Zenevieva  won Best Veteran in Show. What a lovely day, well done and Congratulations to her owner Kerrie Kelly.




July 14th 2012



Today we said goodbye to our wonderful Gemma

Fairfield Firesaphire JW. SGWC




Gemma was a very special girl who had character by the mile.

Her personality was such that she made you laugh all the time by just being her.She had been unwell for a little while but to save any further distress we gave her the peace and rest she needed, which was so difficult to do but for her sake alone we said goodbye.

This has left the most enormous gap here as she was always in the middle of everything we did

and as she was loved by everyone who knew her, we all feel her loss terribly.

It is so very sad to lose your extra special dogs but even more so when they were your extra special friend.

You were a great pleasure to own or should I say it was a pleasure to be owned by you.

Your antics were notorious and you did them with a smile on your face and the look that said

“Is that all right”

Your majesty was evident when you laid in your spot on the sofa and looked round as if to say

I am ready for my audience.

Gemma was 13 years and 3 months and she has left us and joined her sister Katie and her brother Charlie.

A fantastic trio from one litter.    


                                                                                                Run free and be happy Sweetheart.


Ulster GRC Open Show

 Fairfield Floral Harmony at Zenevieva -Millie  won Best Veteran in Show and also won  the Best Brace class with her daughter-Mia ( Zenevieva Miss D’Meana ).Well done and many Congratulations

November 9th 2012

Fairfield Feather Fan  - Laice gave birth to her 5 puppies today. 3 dogs and 2 Bitches

Both she and the puppies are well, she had them without warning on the sofa very early in the morning and had 3 before we saw anything and then another one minute later.

They were all neatly cuddled into her having their breakfast.

 The last one was born in the whelping box.                                                                                                                                          


December 9th 2012

Fairfield Firefanfair’s daughter and son had a wonderful weekend.

 Kayzaelle Keep Dreaming -Molly took her last point to gain her Junior Warrant .

Her brother Kayzaelle Keep The Spirit - Hugo  who lives in Finland. achieved his Finnish Junior Winner 2012 -title

They are sired by Sh Ch Shardanell Castaspell

Congratulations to Leslie Furbank and Tuija Hellman on this double achievement.


innish Junior Winner 2012 -title :)


December 25th 2012

Fairfield Fleet Officer and Fairfield Fleet Magique have a Birthday;

Drummer and Lily are two years old today.

Christmas is twice the fun and twice as noisy with balloons popping and squeaky toys being thrown every where but they are having lots of fun.

Laice’s puppies will be 7 weeks on the 27th and they are having so much fuss made of them ,which is lovely.