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January 19th 2014

Manchester Championship Show

Judge Breed specialist -Judy Gregory

Wonderful news this weekend.

Kayzaelle Krystal Maze Jw - Maisy who is Fairfield Firefanfair’s ( Honey) daughter took  the CC at this show.

This third ticket gave her, her full Champion Title as she has already achieved her Show Gundog Certificate and her Working Gundog Certificate.

She has beauty as well as brains.

Ch Kayzaelle Krystal Maze Jw

Huge Congratulations to her owner Lesley Furbank on this fabulous achievement.



January 19th 2014

Boston Championship Show

Breed Specialist -Judge Sheila Watkins

Kayzaelle Krystal Maze Jw  -Maisy won the  Limit class today.

Well done and Congratulations.

News 2014

January 30th 2014

Terrible news today that Fairfield Firefanfair -Honey has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Yesterday she was out picking up in the field which she loves to do.

February 19th 2014

Exciting news today that Fairfield Feather Fan -Laice is confirmed pregnant  to

BH, Fin Ch & Est Ch  Fairfield Firefoxtrot (Figo)

February 25 th 2014



Fairfield Firefanfair -Honey was given peace today to save further suffering.

My heart goes out to her owner Lesley Furbank and to her  family on this very sad loss of a wonderful friend and companion to them all.

She was an extra special girl ,who was multi talented and who’s only aim was to please.

Run free at the Rainbows bridge.

March 18th 2014



Another  very sad day today, our very own Fairfield Flame Sensation -Asti was given sleep .

Asti was so special to us with those soft trusting eyes and the sweetest disposition you could ever wish for, she was the perfect Golden who will leave a huge void here and a lot of

heart ache.

Sleep tight sweetheart, till we all meet up again.

March 23rd 2014

Fairfield Feather Fan -Laice had her puppies today.

All very exciting and Laice and her babies are doing very well.

April 28th 2014

Fairfield Fireserenade celebrates her Birthday, Cassie is 12 today and enjoying every minute with all her friends and her Birthday cake.

June 29th 2014

Deise All breed Championship Show

Judge Miss C Loughlin

Fairfield Floral Mystery -Kizzie won the Green star and BOB

Congratulations to Kerrie Kelly her owner

July 19th 2014

Sligo All Breeds Championship Show

Judge Mrs B Anderson

Fairfield Floral Mystery -Kizzie won the Green star and RBOB

Great news ,this is her 3rd Green star.

July 26th 2014

Golden Retriever Championship Show

Judge Fiona Coward -Scholes

Fairfield Fleet Magique -Lily was 3rd in Post Graduate today which qualified her for Crufts 2015. Delighted with this award as she has not been shown for a very long time.




July 30th 2014

Champion Fairfield Firedreamer - Bonnie

A really sad day today as our beautiful Bonnie had to be given sleep to save her any more pain after getting an infected leg which would not heel although we tried for several weeks.

She was amazing and I am so sad things ended this way. My beautiful girl who had been a wonderful friend and who did everything that I asked of her was beaten by a very nasty bug.

She was just 5 days away from her 14th birthday which we would of celebrated with all her children.

There is a very big gap in our hall where she would lay and greet people when they came to visit and where a bark told us that she was welcoming us back home from our shopping trips.

You will always be missed and always be loved and the memories of you are very special.

Run free sweetheart,till we meet again.

August 16th 2014

All Ireland GRC Show -judge Anns van Leeuwen

Fairfield Floral Harmony at Zenevieva -Millie won  Best Veteran in Show  

Fairfield Floral Mystery at Zenevieva won the Brood bitch Progeny

And combined with each other won Brace.

Well done to the Zenevieva team and Kerrie Kelly.

August 18th 2014

Bella and Piper took their first steps into the world of showing by attending their first match at ringcraft.

Bella won baby puppy bitch , Piper was 3rd in Baby puppy dog and Bella was best baby puppy. Bless their hearts , Bella had not got a clue as to what was going on but Piper thought carrying the rosettes was a lovely idea.

September 28th 2014

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Championship Show

Judge -Mr Bexon

Fairfield Firphilosopher  - Piper went to his first show and was 3rd in minor puppy.

This qualified him for Crufts 2015

So pleased with this result as he was an absolute little star and was so well behaved.

October 15th 2014

Gundog society of Wales

Judge -Breed Specialist -David Mannings

Piper was 2nd in Minor Puppy and 2nd in Maiden.

This qualified him again for Crufts 2015


August 28th 2014

Fairfield Fleet Magique - Lily gave birth to two baby girl puppies today and has taken to motherhood like a duck to water.